My Favorite Moments in Hawaii

I visited O’hau in 2022, and since then Hawaii has had a special place in my heart.

Nature is stunning, the Aloha is everywhere, and the sunsets are the most magical I ever seen.

Here are a few of my favorite moments.

Explore amazing beaches

Having grown up around Sardinia’s beautiful beaches, I thought I had seen it all, but I was mistaken! Hawaii’s beaches are amazing, almost out of this world! I love their unique charm and diversity, and the way the green vegetation blends with the shoreline is simply breathtaking.

During the low season, you may be lucky enough to have the beach all to yourself, enjoying the tranquility and serenity it offers.

My wedding ceremony

Having my wedding ceremony in Hawaii turned out to be the most incredible choice we ever made.

With a simple ceremony, I and my husband exchanged our vows, with no family or friends, without an enormous party.

The officiant crafted a beautiful and touching ceremony, and with the gentle strumming of a ukulele, our musician set the perfect soundtrack for our intimate moment.

It was pure magic – just us, our love, and the beauty of the world around us.

The post-ceremony lunch

Without anything to take from the ceremony, I loved so much when we got through with the ceremony (and photoshoot!) and we could finally change our attire (a wedding gown and suit under the warm sun in Honolulu was too much torture).

We had a booking for a bar rooftop in the heart of Honolulu. It was already 2 pm in the afternoon, and luckily the place was not busy at all. It was warm, but we sat on the shadow, and it was amazingly ventilated.

We had Mai tais, snacks, and fries, all the stress of the wedding was gone, and this was one of the happiest moments of my life. I could finally leave past behind all the stress of the day and start enjoying my newlywed life and honeymoon.

In the evening we had a formal dinner at a very fancy place, but I have to say that this lunch was the most magical way to celebrate.

The first time I had Moco Loco… and all the following times

Moco Loco is a popular Hawaiian dish. There are many variations, but the traditional loco moco consists of white rice, topped with a hamburger, and a fried egg.
Simply delicious, and sometimes portions in the States are so big, that you may want to share it with someone.

From Wiki:

The dish was reportedly created at the Lincoln Grill restaurants in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1949 by its proprietors, Richard Inouye and his wife, Nancy, at the request of teenagers from the Lincoln Wreckers Sports club seeking something that differed from a sandwich, was inexpensive, and yet could be quickly prepared and served. They asked Nancy to put some rice in a bowl, a hamburger patty over the rice, and then top it with brown gravy. The egg came later. The teenagers named the dish Loco Moco after one of their members, George Okimoto, whose nickname was “Crazy” because of his crazy antics. George Takahashi, who was studying Spanish at Hilo High School, suggested using Loco, which is Spanish for crazy. They tacked on “moco” which “rhymed with loco and sounded good.

Visiting the Jurassic Valley

The Jurassic Valley is a breathtaking place in Hawaii. The valley is situated within the boundaries of the Kualoa Ranch, a 4,000-acre private nature reserve found on the eastern side of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Seeing this massive valley, which I had only ever seen in movies, left me totally speechless. It was just so amazing!

Koko Crater Trail

Koko Crater trail is a popular hike consisting in 1,048 railway tie steps that lead up to the summit of Koko Crater.

I climbed to the top and was rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the southeastern coast of Oahu, including Hanauma Bay and the Pacific Ocean. That was sweaty, but so worth it!


After the Koko Crater Trail I rewarded myself with my first Malasada. Yes, I am a low-carb and sugar-free enthusiast, but after all, I burned 1000 calories with that hike.

Leonard’s Bakery is a must-visit in Oahu. The line can be huge, but again, worthy!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading,


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Simona Zucca

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